5 Applicant Tracking Vendors to Watch in 2017

Applicant tracking systems (ATSs) haven’t always been the robust recruitment solutions we have today.

Originally, ATSs were created to help hiring managers handle an overwhelming influx of applications once online job boards became popular. When applicant tracking systems hit the corporate market, they weren’t much more than a central hub to store and parse resumes.

Now, ATSs have more functions, including streamlining administrative and compliance tasks, as well as features that manage job advertising, talent sourcing, applicant experience and engagement, and more.

Bottom line: Applicant tracking systems have had to adapt to keep up with changing recruitment trends.


ATS Market Trends

Recently, hiring managers have shifted their focus from relying solely on inbound applicants and employee referrals to creating relationships with both active and passive candidates. This involves identifying applicants who are the best fit for both the open position and the organization’s culture.

For applicant tracking solutions, this means implementing features that take advantage of social media, interviewing and skill assessment tools, and predictive analytics.

Social Media

Social media integration has become a popular feature for applicant tracking systems, and for good reason, too.

Social media platforms allow hiring managers to reach a global talent pool of active and passive candidates. Job posts can also be shared among friends, coworkers and followers, which could be the difference between finding the perfect candidate and settling for someone who doesn’t fully fit your needs.

From a job seeker’s side, interested candidates can easily research an organization and apply without having to create a profile on a new website. The ATS will store critical information about candidates and the channels they used to determine trends for future hiring cycles.

Interviewing & Assessment Tools

The next generation of ATSs allow hiring managers to dig deeper into applicants’ skillsets to determine if they truly possess what the hiring organization needs.

Many modern ATSs offer customizable templates for screening surveys and skill testing. Video interviewing has also gained traction, allowing managers to have face-to-face interviews with candidates halfway around the globe or watch one-way video interviews that can be stored, viewed and assessed later.

Predictive Analytics

Since applicant tracking systems are shifting toward becoming one-stop shops for all recruitment needs, predictive analytics can be applied to the disparate data collected from all parts of the hiring cycle.

Predictive analytics can be used in the hiring process to make better recruitment and retention decisions. These insights can also help influence an organization’s hiring targets, succession planning and offered benefits.

Prediction: 2017 will bring a slow and steady progression of these trends as some newer vendors lead us into the next generation of recruitment solutions.

Top 5 Emerging Vendors

In his HR Technology Disruptions for 2017 report, Josh Bersin predicts that a “new breed of platforms” will reach the enterprise class and disrupt the market in 2017.

A number of software solutions offer ATS features. If you’re interested in a complete list of the top ATS vendors, check out our ATS Comparison Guide, where we’ve saved you hours of time by reviewing the options.

We also looked at some of the up and coming ATS vendors and listed five to watch for in the upcoming year:

1. SmartRecruiters

Date founded: 2010

Location: San Francisco, CA

What’s unique: SmartRecruiters is an end-to-end recruitment solution with features to meet the demands of the modern hiring manager. Recently, the ATS released its SmartRecruiters’ Field Recruiting App and Enterprise Sourcing Analytics tools. The Field Recruiting App allows hiring managers to quickly collect resumes and parse them while out in the field. And with more robust reporting capabilities, the Enterprise Sourcing Analytics tools give more granular views of talent data for strategic decision making.

2. Greenhouse

Date founded: 2012

Location: New York, NY

What’s unique: Greenhouse has all the essential features of a modern ATS to get a full background and understanding of top candidates. In addition to all the social, analytics and streamlining tools it provides, Greenhouse offers Interview Kits, which help prepare your interviewers ahead of time. The Interview Kit not only sends along the candidate’s resume and CV, but also connects to online profiles (such as LinkedIn) and offers sample questions to assess skill proficiency, cultural fit and so on.

3. Lever

Date founded: 2012

Location: San Francisco, CA

What’s unique: Lever is another example of the “new breed” of end-to-end recruitment software. From pre-candidacy to hire, Lever offers automated features and customized workflows that allow hiring managers to nurture top talent without much effort. Lever also offers robust talent analytics that easily visualize critical data with custom, user-friendly dashboards or reports. Lastly, Lever is a collaborative recruiting platform, allowing your whole HR team to offer input and opinions about candidates as they move through the process.

4. Pymetrics

Date founded: 2013

Location: New York, NY

What’s unique: Pymetrics is a predictive hiring platform for job seekers and employers. It works off a mission to democratize and diversify career choice and hiring through unbiased algorithms. As SHRM put it in its article, Employers Tap Software and Soft Skills to Improve Gender Diversity, “It uses neuroscience games as blind auditions to match applicants with compatible careers and companies.”

5. HireVue

Date founded: 2004

Location: South Jordan, UT

What’s unique: As a pioneer in video interviewing, HireVue is a great tool for on-demand interviewing. It integrates into your ATS or candidate relationship management software to provide key insights. HireVue blends your assessment criteria with machine learning to understand and assess behavioral traits uncovered from a digital interview and how they will align with the open position and the company’s culture.

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