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Certify At A Glance

Good: Flexible ways of submitting receipts and expense reports, ReceiptParse feature that automatically scans and autofills data within an expense report, ReportExecutive feature that automates the expense report process.
Bad: Certify has a bit of a learning curve; the autofill feature doesn't always fill in the correct information, which requires manual correction.
Bottom Line: Certify automates the expense reporting process, so companies won't need to worry about manual data entry, lost paperwork or slower approval workflows.

Product Overview

Certify is a cloud-based management platform that automates the expense reporting process. Employees can submit receipts from either their phones or the web, have their expense reports automatically generated by Certify and receive reimbursements faster. The accounting team won’t have to worry about any manual data entry or reminding employees to submit their expense reports.

Certify provides several benefits for employees and the accounting team, which include:

  • The expense reporting process is more streamlined and automated, so approvals and reimbursements are performed much faster
  • Expense reports are submitted on time
  • No worries about lost paperwork or having to file it
  • Reporting tools with access to real-time data and insights into spending are available to everyone, regardless of job role
  • Increased compliance with travel and expense regulations and decreased fraud risk, as Certify has built-in audit reporting tools that can catch compliance and fraud issues early

Certify offers three plans that are based on company size: Certify Now!, Professional and Enterprise.

Certify Now! – Certify Now! is intended for small businesses with up to 25 employees. It includes core expense management features, such as the Certify Mobile app, ReceiptParse and ReportExecutive. It also includes:

  • Unlimited cloud receipt storage
  • Certify SpendSmart (a feature that includes user reviews of local businesses)
  • Certify Map It mileage calculator
  • TripCase app for itinerary and flight tracking
  • Full reporting and analytics functionality
  • Automatic policy enforcement
  • Certify Workflow (feature that customizes routing for expense approvals)
  • Multiple user roles
  • Custom categories
  • Free training camp and live support
  • Available for more than 140 currencies
  • General ledger dimensions (customizable fields that can be added to expense reports or user profiles)

Professional – The Professional plan is intended for companies that have 25 to 200 employees. It includes all features of the Certify Now! plan plus:

  • Standard and custom Accounts Payable (AP) feeds
  • Business and personal credit card integration
  • Receipt back up

Enterprise – The Enterprise plan is intended for large businesses (more than 200 employees). In addition to features in the other two plans, the Enterprise plan includes HRMS and ERP integration and availability in 64 languages.

Certify also offers add-on products, such as Certify Travel (a travel booking platform), Certify AP and Certify ACH payments.


Here are some of the core features of Certify:

Certify Mobile: Employees can submit receipts via the Certify Mobile app. All they need to do is to take a picture of the receipt and then review any expense details, once Certify auto-fills the expense report. The receipts are stored within the Certify platform. The app also works in offline mode. Employees can add in the receipt and review expense data even if their phone’s not connected to the internet. Managers can also approve expense reports via the app.

We also want to note that Certify has alternatives to a mobile device for scanning in receipts, such as a scanner, web cam, email, fax, image upload from a desktop and SMS text messages (for non-receipt items).

Certify ReceiptParse: The Certify ReceiptParse captures the scanned receipt, automatically extracts data from the receipt and then funnels that data into an expense report. This feature fills in data for up to 15 expense fields. After taking a picture of the image, the employee hits the Autofill button, and then reviews the data against the receipt. Also, if it’s a recurring expense from the same vendor, the ReceiptParse automatically recognizes the vendor, so the employee doesn’t have to re-enter the data.

Certify ReportExecutive: The Certify ReportExecutive automates the expense reporting process, thereby eliminating paper receipts and spreadsheets. Administrators can set a company-wide schedule of when expense reports are due. The software then sends an email reminder to the employees for them to review their expenses. The employee reviews the reports for any errors, and then submits it to their manager for approval.

Certify Reporting: Certify includes full reporting functionality that’s available to all users. Employees can track mileage, airfare and other expenses, as well as any expense policy violations. Managers can measure spending trends within their business unit, while executives can run reports on top-level data to get a big picture of the company’s spending. Finally, the accounting team has access to all expense data that can be filtered by department, team or other metric.

Certify SpendSmart: The Certify SpendSmart is a vendor ranking tool that helps users better plan their travel and accommodations. After an employee submits an expense report, they’re given an optional survey, where they provide reviews on the vendors they used during the trip. Certify collects the data and publishes a new report each quarter that analyzes the most expensed and top-rated restaurants, hotels, car rentals, airlines and more. Companies can use this information to recommend specific airline, hotel, car rental or other vendors for the employee’s next trip.

Target Market

Certify is intended for companies in all sizes and industries. We’ve listed below several of its clients:

  • Pitney Bowes
  • H&R Block
  • Jewish United Fund
  • Vita Plus
  • iCIMS
  • Superior Energy
  • Holland & Company
  • Decision Lens
  • ImageSoft
  • LI-COR, Inc.

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Certify offers both self-service and full-service implementation services. The self-service tools are intended for users on the Certify Now! Plan, which takes approximately 20 minutes to set up. The user simply registers for a Certify account, adds additional users, departments and expense categories, and watches Certify’s short training video.

Certify’s full-service implementation service is intended for companies that need Certify to customize the system to their own requirements. The implementation process can last from four to six weeks. Companies work with Certify’s dedicated implementation lead on all steps, from discussing technical requirements to training end users on the software.

Companies can have their QuickBooks solution integrated with Certify for free. Certify integrates to most accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, such as Sage, SAP and Oracle. It also integrates with human resource management systems (HRMS) and customer relationship management systems (CRM) through a standard data interchange service.

Customer Service & Support

Certify offers a variety of product training options, such as live webinar user training, online video training and onsite hands-on training.

Users can access its knowledge base to find answers to troubleshooting questions, read user guides, learn about new product updates and submit a ticket with the support staff. They can also contact support by phone or email at any time between Monday and Friday.

For international customers, Certify has local customer support agents that are available by phone.


The Certify Now! plan costs $8 per user, per month. The Professional plan has a monthly service fee, while the Enterprise plan has annual fixed pricing. Pricing for the Professional and Enterprise plans are not publicly available, so please contact Certify directly for a quote.


Some users have reported that Certify requires a bit of a learning curve, but with time and training, they were able to get more comfortable with it. Other users feel that the ReceiptParse feature doesn’t always autofill the correct information, therefore, requiring manual corrections.


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Founded in 2008, Certify is a leading cloud-based travel and expense management solution for companies of all sizes. It’s the only expense management solution within the industry to offer truly automated expense reporting with pre-scheduled, auto-generated expense report creation and mobile capabilities.

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