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Spend & Expense At A Glance

Good: Ease of using and managing budgets and expenses, real-time visibility into expenses, reduced risk of fraud.
Bad: App can be buggy at times; some users mention that they had to wait a full year to cash in on rewards points.
Bottom Line: Free budgeting and expense management tool that completely automates the expense reimbursement process while providing full visibility of transactions.

Product Overview

BILL Spend & Expense (formerly Divvy) is a budgeting and expense tool that automates the expense management process. Each user receives a physical or virtual BILL Divvy Corporate Card for business expenses. The user simply requests approval from the finance team prior to swiping the card. Approvals are granted in real time. The finance team can manage all transactions at any time rather than waiting until month’s end.

With BILL Spend & Expense, the expense management process is completely automated. Employees won’t need to pay the initial funds out of pocket, fill out expense reports, or wait for reimbursement. The finance team won’t need to track down the employees to request more information.

BILL Spend & Expense has other benefits, such as:

  • Reduced risk of fraud and hacking, due to strong security features that include virtual cards with a unique 16-digit number
  • Reduced overspending and increased visibility into expenses with features that track what each user spends
  • No need to purchase a dedicated expense management solution as BILL Spend & Expense is free to use
  • Users can make payments anywhere Visa is accepted, even internationally

BILL Spend & Expense is also available as a mobile app for Android and Apple devices.


Expense management: Users can request specific funds from their manager or the finance team on a specific expense. The manager can then approve it by sending the requested funds to the user’s card. Managers also have the option of sending the funds to their team on a monthly basis for any recurring expenses. Users have the option of submitting photos of the receipts.

The manager and/or finance team has access to each employee’s transactions, such as the amount of money an employee has access to and how much money is spent. The finance team tracks each transaction as it comes in, such as pending or declined transactions.

Budget management: Managers can easily set up a budget in a few steps – they simply list a name for the budget, select the budget cycle (one-time or recurring), set a budget goal and designate budget owners’ and members’ access. Budgets can be set up by team, project or event. Managers can add or remove members and adjust their funds at any time.

There’s also a Forecast tab where managers can see how much funds are expected to be spent within the next month.

Virtual cards: Virtual cards are used for online purchases and company subscriptions. Each card has a unique 16-digit number that’s tied to the company’s account. There’s two types of virtual cards: burner cards (for one-time use) and subscription cards (for recurring use). Burner cards can be created by anyone with a BILL Spend & Expense account, while the subscription cards are created by the budget owner. The budget owner can create a virtual card, then freeze or delete it.

Security: BILL Spend & Expense is certified as PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, and requires multi-factor authentication for logging into the account. Users can also log into their mobile app via fingerprint scanning or facial identification.

Target Market

BILL Spend & Expense is intended for all executives and employees in companies of all sizes and industries. Here are some of its clients:

  • Calendly
  • Noom
  • Five Nines
  • Chaney & Associates
  • Westland Construction
  • Breakwater
  • Qualtrics XM
  • Cuts Clothing
  • Crumbl

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New clients can sign up for BILL Spend & Expense via its online sign-up page and then designate specific employees as cardholders. The client will receive a physical corporate card for each approved employee. The employees can also elect to use virtual cards in addition to a physical one.

BILL Spend & Expense integrates with most accounting software, such as Sage Intacct, Intuit QuickBooks, and Oracle NetSuite.

Customer Service & Support

Customers can access the help center for troubleshooting articles. They can also contact support by phone or live chat.


There’s no cost to use BILL Spend & Expense – the company receives its revenue from interchange fees that’s paid by the specific merchant each time the user spends money using the app.

However, if a company wants AR or AP features, BILL offers pricing tiers that start at $45 per user, per month.


Some users have reported that the app can be buggy at times, and that they would have to wait a full year to cash in on the rewards points.


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Divvy Pay, Inc. was acquired by in 2021.

BILL (NYSE: BILL) is a leading financial operations platform for small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Its integrated platform helps businesses to more efficiently control their payables, receivables and spend and expense management. Hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on BILL’s proprietary member network of millions to pay or get paid faster. Headquartered in San Jose, California, BILL is a trusted partner of leading U.S. financial institutions, accounting firms, and accounting software providers.

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