VoIP Includes Sophisticated Calling Features

Unlike hardware-based analog phones, VoIP includes calling features such as call waiting and caller ID standard in its configuration.  However, VoIP also offers other advanced features not found in … [Read more...]


Voice Over Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange.  Telephone switch that uses the IP network to carry calls.  Many support traditional analog and digital phones.  See also Analog PBX, PBX. … [Read more...]

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Technology that is used to transmit phone calls over the Internet.  The voice is converted into digital data that is organized into small packets.  These packets are stamped with the destination IP … [Read more...]

Voicemail to email

Feature that sends all voicemail from a mailbox to an email account where messages can be opened and listened to on a PC.  Messages can also be stored in email.  See also UM. … [Read more...]

Voice mailbox

Provides answering machine services for users.  Each user has their own voice mailbox in the system with each mailbox having a box number and a pass code. … [Read more...]

Virtual phone number

VoIP feature that allows for attaching additional phone numbers with different area codes to the basic VoIP service.  Allows companies to choose phone numbers with an area code outside of the area in … [Read more...]

Video conferencing via VoIP

Ability to speak face-to-face using a PC and VoIP phone.  Requires a camera (such as a webcam) and more bandwidth than a simple voice call. … [Read more...]

USB phone

A phone that is plugged into a USB port of a PC for use with soft phone-based VoIP service.  It replaces the headset and microphone with speakers.  See also soft phone. … [Read more...]


Unified Messaging.    Having access to email, voicemail,  and faxes via a common computer application or by phone.  For example, an audio-based system can deliver email messages to an office … [Read more...]

Soft phone

Software application installed on a PC that uses VoIP technology to make calls over the Internet.   See also USB phone. … [Read more...]