Extensible Markup Language.  A programming language often used by EMR systems to integrate with other software as a practice management program or drug formulary database. … [Read more...]

Web-based EMR

See also ASP. … [Read more...]

Wide Area Network (WAN)

Network that spans a larger geographical area than an LAN (Local Area Network). … [Read more...]

Virtual private network (VPN)

A secure method of connecting two computing devices over the Internet. … [Read more...]

Thin client

A networked computer that runs software housed on a server, rather than containing the programs on its own drive.  Also known as a "Dummy Terminal." … [Read more...]


Electronic system that links pharmacies and health care providers and make prescribing process easier, safer, and more efficient. … [Read more...]

Stark law

Prevents hospitals from buying EHR software for physicians in an effort to attract referrals. Part of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989. … [Read more...]


Structured Query Language.  Computer language used to store, read, write, and retrieve information in databases. … [Read more...]


Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine Clinical Terms.  A standardized system of medical terminology designed to help the sharing of information among multiple institutions. … [Read more...]

Single sign-on

A security method in which a computer user must only log in once to access all systems he or she has permission to access, as opposed to entering multiple passwords. … [Read more...]